Boudior, Lingerie & Glamour - Portfolio Photography.

An Introduction to Boudior.

Over recent years the popularity of this genre of photography has exploded.

After refusing many requests to perform this as a further option to our photography services, we decided to launch - and these few photos are part of our first Models Portfolio Shoot at The Midland Hotel in Derby, next to the Train Station - where a low cost deal has been agreed for future sessions.

We actually provided this model with 2 physical portfolios (A4 + A3) + a digital portfolio slideshow with a unique statistics Front Intro Slide so that it can be attached to Job Application Emails, providing a 6 second delay for viewing each of her 30 slides. 

These Photography & Posing sessions are used for many purposes - very popular as confidence boosters for younger, perhaps nervous hopefuls, for personal and job application glamour portfolio building, personal exotic and sensual portraiture or canvasses. 


Hard Copy/Digital Portfolios.

A Professional physical portfolio is made up of a range of personal close-ups and costume shots (head & facial features, swimwear, standard underwear, lingerie, basques, semi nude, jeans n top, evening dress, outdoor wear, etc etc) and usually comprises about 25/30 quality prints (A4 or A3) selected from a session volume of 75 to 150 shots with some classy B&W prints optional.

A multiple of Fashion/Modelling Agencies can be contacted each and every day, using the "digital portfolio approach" explained above. In a single week all major UK Agencies can see high quality photos and information about you at very low cost. A fast way to get you in front of the people that matter prior to perhaps receiving an Interview request.


A Typical Photoshoot.

We will have already met and agreed many issues with each client, the first tentative steps in building mutual trust and respect. The Shoot itself commences with the erection of various backdrops, lighting, flashes, cameras/tripod and reference pose sheets or digital poses displayed on a laptop. The model/s arrives in loose baggy clothes to prevent unsightly skin rings caused by elastic or tight clothing (these can take up to 45+mins to disappear).

Progress through the session has already been agreed at our earlier IntroMeet, but is usually facials, swimwear, underwear, ligerie/basques, evening & jeans n top to minimise the gradual appearance of skin lines.

Our clients have already selected each oufit, labelled and packaged to avoid change delays. Poses are displayed to replicate and we will action changes to body position and lighting to achieve a good result.


Post Session Assessment

We will quickly analyse the RAW data and select the best for "joint review and selection of final shortlist". These will then be edited ready for final progress into the type of media requested by the client.


Brief Portfolio of some past shots (a creation in progress)