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Photographic - 'beautiful memories at any time - for a lifetime'

We offer a range of subjects - individual and family portraits, boudior, weddings, animals, parties, products, buildings, interiors, landscapes, sporting events, presentations, ceremonies and other Special Occasions.


Event Videos - 'clarity of both vision & sound - from quality ancillaries - allround'

We offer a Video Service for Weddings and any Special Occasion where a replay is treasured.

The memory of any Special Occasion is truly enhanced when you are able to watch a real time DVD of that past occasion in the comfort of your own home at any future time of your choice. The Wedding Ceremony and all the Speeches and giving of Gifts for example.

Superb Picture quality is provided in High Definition and excellent Audio Quality uses a quality hotshoe MIC if local or the award winning Sennheiser Groom/Vicar clip-on transmitter/receiver system which produces super clarity, even at over 100m.


Client EASYVIEW & ORDER Facility - 'private viewing & print ordering from home'

High Capacity Protected & accessable private storage of Client Photographs. Each Client has the option to password protect their own Private Folder of Event Photographs, This makes family, friends and guest access to view and order prints very easy. Prints will be posted out within a few weeks. 


Family/Anniversary TimeLine Video/SlideShow

Imagine Grand Parents who are say 90 years of age and who have just celebrated a Wedding Anniversary. They may have 4 children, 10 grandchildren and several greatgrandchildren?

They were born in say the 1930's and in their teens when WWII commenced.

A TimeLine TV/DVD would take note (in motion/audio picture form) of the special events/fashion/music/sport/catastophies etc  from that time to present. At the appropriate timeline, Photographs of the couple and their families will be displayed throughout the content along with any special memories.

Many copies of the finished DVD's are distributed to Family Heads so that future generations can better understand their roots, relatives and events from the past that have shaped the world in which they and their ancestors lived.


Master of Ceremonies and Toastmaster - 'a gentle guiding hand and confident clear speech'

At a Wedding - a positive and polite 'guiding hand' to ensure the entire day (from waking to retiring - or from the point when guests arrive at the venue up to the newly weds first dance that evening) progresses correctly, smoothly and very close to timetable, leaving all others to enjoy a less stressful and more pleasurable day.  The role varies depending on your need. This will be discussed and agreed. The role usually includes correct format and formal introductions of Top Table Speakers during the after wedding hightea/dinner.

At any other Event - the role and content will be discussed and agreed with the client.


Naming Ceremony - 'Formal. friendly and witty when necessary'

Growing in popularity but not a Legally recognised naming event and cannot take the place of Birth Registration and the issue of a Legal Birth Certificate, which is a UK Legal requirement.

It is however a Special Occasion, whereby parents can formally, in the presence of their family and closest friends, clearly demonstrate their committment to their newest family member. Whilst a certificate is issued  this is not formally accepted in law.


Speaker - Power Point Presentations - 'Authoritative, clear, slow, precise, professional' 

Do you need to present a product, treatment, service or concept in a professional way and to a knowledgable audience? Is there a financial and profit element? Are unsure of just how to go about it. Using our business management and speaker skills we can discuss your proposal and assist or perform the task on your behalf.


Temporary Studio for Portraits

A backdrop and well lit area can be setup within 20 minutes at your home or in a Hotel, Club or Special Venue location.