Some client reviews

Matt & Gina Quinney - Quorn Country Hotel -14/09/2018

" We had already selected our Photographer for our Wedding Day, but also wanted a Video of the Bridal Party preparation's, Ceremony and Speeches.

We placed an Ad on BIDVINE and George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY responded swiftly and quoted a very competitive price, so we agreed to meet George in Markfield near Coalville, who gave us a presentation of his work including a few past videos. We both agreed George had the experience we needed.

On the day George was calm, confident and professional and captured all of the footage we hoped he would and more.

The 4 Videos (normal and musical) and Presentation Case we have are brilliant - we could not be happier with the result.

We can confidently recommend George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY to any future couples and also say, now that we have watched ours, that the ability to have a ' rerun of actual events', with hugs, laughs, kisses, tears and claps is well worth the extra.

Perhaps if we had also known earlier of Georges dual video/photography skills we could have saved ourselves £100's.

George has our private mobile No if you wish us to confirm this review."

Adam & Cherelle St Werburghs & Donington Park Farmhouse - 15/10/2017

“We wanted to surprise our daughter with a Video of the important elements of her wedding. She had organised a friend for Photographs but no video. We wanted to see her special day on the TV relaxed at home - it all goes so fast when its your day.

With only a few weeks to go, we decided to go ahead with this and George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY was recommended to us.

We contacted George and met him at our local pub. He gave a presentation and showed us some of his past Wedding footage.

His obvious knowledge, long experience and confidence, convinced us that even at this late stage he would do a good job for us.

The Wedding Ceremony was held at St Werburghs  Spondon, a beautiful Church. The Reception was at Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel.

On the day George was very professional, respectful and courteous and we could tell he was doing the right things – we hoped his results would be good too.

We met again within days of the Wedding at our local to see the completed Videos and are delighted with the DVDs we now have.

We have 2 Discs each close to 55 mins duration – one of the Church Ceremony (Brides arrival to departure) plus one containing The speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

The picture, colours and audio are excellent and the DVD labels & Presentation Case we have is a great touch for this gift to our daughter/son in law.

Can we recommend George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY ? We certainly can and will now recommend him to others who want memories of their event.

If you employ George - he will take good care of you also and at a great price too”. 


Barry & Victoria - 24 Sept 2016 - Breedon Church/Amalfi White

Barry and I were married on 24th September 2016. The Church Ceremony was at Breedon on the Hill - the Reception at Amalfi White in Melbourne.

We both wanted some special memories. Not just photographs - but also a full video recording of our day, from Guest arrivals at church until after the wedding breakfast & speeches at Amalfi's.

The Photographer did not offer a Video service and so we found and contacted George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY.

The day was discussed in detail and George offered to record everything we wanted and at a very good price.

We selected George based on his long experience. personal confidence and price. Throughout our day George acted totally professionally.

We now have 2 X 1hr DVD's - Church Ceremony + Register and also Breakfast and Speeches.

We are very pleased with the quality of both audio and HD Video and we can 'action replay our day'

whenever we wish.

We recommend the services of George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY to any future B & G.




Simon & Deborah Dodgson - Fri 16th Sept 2016 - Mackworth Farmhouse Hotel

We heard about George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY from a friend we were inviting to our Wedding.

As part of his package George offers a 1hr free Intro session to present his service and for us to decide if we liked him and gauge his experience.

We both discussed his range of services, prices, personality, experience and friendly approach and decided to employ George.

We can honestly say Georges professionalism, experience, planning and no nonsense friendly approach on the day was just right for us.

We now possess a CD of quality shots, a lovely PhotoBook, Videos and Musical Slideshow with Ceremony and Speeches added.

We have the memories we wanted at a very competitive price and would not hesitate to recommend George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY to anyone reading this reference.

George has our telenumber if you do decide on a brief more personal discussion but the above says exactly how we feel.



Leighton & Cherish - Sunday 7th June 2015 - Risley Hall

We first met George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY at a Wedding Fayre and were impressed with his display content and friendly introduction.

We both quickly realised that George was a positive, confident photographer who was very experienced in handling weddings and providing quality results.

Cost was an important consideration and here we also scored, our quotation was very acceptable.

George visited us at home and provided a further presentation with examples of his past work. Website recommendations also helped us make our decision.We were married at Risley Hall Hotel on Sunday 7th June 2015 and we can certainly say that George acted professionally throughout our day.

We received our CD’s containing about 850 photographs only 2 days after our Wedding Day, that kind of service we feel is a bit special.

We are delighted to recommend George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY to any couples searching for an experienced, quality, competitive photographer.”

We will verbally confirm this recommendation personally if you wish to discuss this photographer – please request our Tele No from George.


Paul & Gemma - Sat 16th May 2015 - Derby Conference Centre

We first met George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY at a friend’s wedding a few years ago and we were impressed with the confident and friendly way George organised guests for wedding shots and so we requested he photograph our wedding - once we had decided on a future wedding date.

We recently approached George and he confirmed he was free on our day and his prices were very competitive.

We are delighted with the results we now possess and can certainly add our names to the list of those past couples recommending the services of George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY.

You will find George to be confident, respectful, friendly, organised and very experienced and the quality of his work is excellent.

Please contact us to discuss this Photographer if necessary - just request our Tele No from George and we will oblige.


Rob & Andrea - Sat 13th Sept 2014 - Derby County Cricket Club Marquee

George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY recently provided the Photographic and Ceremony Video services for our Wedding inside the Marquee at Derby Cricket Ground.

We received our Copyright Free CD of Photographs and Ceremony DVD within days of returning from our Honeymoon.

The quality of what we have we consider to be absolutely outstanding. The colours are vibrant, clarity superb, audio is crisp and clear and the personal poses shots are truly beautiful.

George also designed our Wedding PhotoBook from our selection of styles and 100 shots and this we will treasure – we are delighted.

We can fully endorse the words above and can also understand why the other recommendations below ours are so positive.

George will take great care to ensure you are also provided with ‘beautiful memories for a lifetime’ just as his website promises.

Long experience, super recent past recommendations, a calm friendly relaxed professionally confident manner and very competitive prices are his trademarks.

We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out and it was such value for money. The photo book especially is exactly what we were after

We are very glad we selected George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY – who have exceeded our expectations.


Request our telephone No from George and we will certainly confirm the above over the phone if necessary.



Dominic & Clair - 15th August 2014 - St Peters Littleover & Derby Conf Centre

We are delighted to recommend the services of ‘George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY’ to any Bride & Groom to be.

We attended a Wedding Fair in Derby Assembly Rooms in September 2013 and saw their Photographic Stand and talked to George.

His long experience, friendly manner, quality of work, past recommendations  and competitive prices placed him on our list of possible Photographers.

After our first 1 hour IntroMeet, we both agreed that we could totally rely on George to do the necessary - this was the right decision.


Our Photographs, Video, PhotoBook and Musical DVD are Top Quality memories of our Special Day.

We firmly believe that if you make the same choice – you too can immediately relax in the knowledge that the results will be of a high standard.


For a more private recommendation – please request our telephone No from George and we will certainly confirm the above.



Dave & Claire - 10th May 2014 - St Mary's Uttoxeter & Breadsall Priory

We were introduced to George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY at a Wedding Fayre and liked both his friendly confident presentation and the quality of the content on the display stand.

His long experience, website layout, prices and great recommendations, confirmed the confidence we felt and so we contacted again-  this time for a Private Meeting. We were very satisfied with our first full meeting and it was clear that George would be a sound/safe/friendly professional person, capable of handling our day and provide the memories we wanted.

We can now say that we were very pleased with George’s friendly but efficient performance and guiding hand throughout our day, all was smooth and slick. The hardware we now possess comprises : a CD of Photographs, TV/DVD Speeches, Musical TV/DVD and Designer PhotoBooks for ourselves and our Parents. We are delighted to add our names to the list of successes and recommendations page of this website. George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY …… will deliver and at very good prices.

We can be contacted via George if a more personal verbal confirmation is desired.


Granville & Jane - 15 Mar 2014 - Callow Hall Asbourne

We first met George at a Wedding Fayre last year inside Derby Cricket Ground's Marquee. We both liked his friendly confident manner and his obvious enthusiasm towards Photography. The quality of the stand content and the fact that a clear and detailed pricelist was openly displayed were also in his favour. We checked the prices and were delighted to note just how competitive they were. We decided to place our faith in George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY to provide us with memories of our day. We were quietly confident and this decision has proved to be the right one.

We now hold, within a week of our day, many special high quality photographs and a Speeches Video of excellect clarity and audio. We are both absolutely delighted with the hardware we now have. We intend to order a Musical SlideShow and many other items for family and friends. If you make the same decision - to employ George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY - you will not regret it.

George will guide you through the day with a friendly but firm professionalism and present you with a great result.

Our Telephone No is available from George if you wish a more private personal verbal reference from us.


Katie & Gordon - 14th Feb 2014 - St Peters & Makeney Hall

" We would HIGHLY RECOMMEND George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY for your Wedding Day.

We found George to be professional, organised, reliable and very capable. All was explained in detail and we knew EXACTLY what we were paying for, well in advance of our special day.

We wanted our full Church Ceremony Filmed - entrance, prayers, readings, vows, register and departure PLUS all of the speeches and giving if gifts. We were presented with 2 lengthy DVD's (very crisp and great audio too) and a CD of all of our Photographs (500+). We have relived those special moments many times since and are delighted with our memories. We are about to order a Musical SlideShow and more of our great DVD's.

Thankyou George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY. As far as value for money and final quality is concerned - you will find this Photo/Videographer is leading the pack. "

Telephone No can be provided on request for a verbal confirmation of our satisfaction.


Paul & Jackie - 8th June 2013 - Derby County Football Stadium

George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY provided the Photo/Video services for us during our Ceremony & Reception. We now possess 100's of beautiful photos on a CD, a Video of Paul's speech and a lovely musical DVD.

George's overall performance both prior to and on the day was always patient, attentive, friendly and professional.

We can both highly recommend the services of George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY.

Contact us if necessary - Contact No can be provided on request to George.


Peter & Mary - 13th July 2013 - Derby Register Office & Reception

George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY was suggested to us by our son and the price agreed was extremely competitive.

George attended Derby RO and our Reception and his attitude and guidance towards us and our guests was confident and professional throughout.

We were and are absolutely delighted with the results we now hold.

We ordered a CD of photos, an Album and TV/DVD Musical SlideShow and we now possess beautiful memories of our day and for our future together.

We have no hesitation in recommending George to any enquirer.

Book George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY and relax - you are now in safe, professional hands.

By all means call us if you need a verbal confirmation. Number available on request.


Nick & Natalie - 24th August 2013 - MASA/Wesleyn Chapel

We met George at a Wedding Fayre in the Assembly Rooms - liked his confident manner and Stand content. Prices were very competitive and we have over 700+ Photographs, a PhotoBook, an Album and a Musical SlideShow. We are delighted with what George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY has provided.

We now have some great memories from our Special Day.

We can certainly recommend the services of George Baird Photography who will not disappoint.

Contact us if you feel the need for verbal confirmation. Number available on request.


William & Laura - 26th May 2013 - Melbourne View Hotel.

The Venue for our Wedding Ceremony & Reception was Melbourne View Hotel.

When we looked at estimates it was clear that George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY had great prices and after meeting George we decided to employ him to provide Photos and Musical SlideShow of our day - from dress & make-up to 1hour after our 1st Dance at the reception.

George's unique Formal Photographs Planning worked a treat and so all our most important shots were conducted quickly, so we could spend much more time with our guests.

George's conduct before, during and after our day was always very professional.

We would confidently recommend the services of George Baird PHOTOGRAPHY for your special day.


Over 35 years, George has photographed and provided services to a variety of clients in local and distant locations. 

Here is a brief list of some 'recent local and distant contacts' for reference, if you feel necessary:

  • Neil Sharp - Works Manager RRNuclear - Wedding - Groom - Derby - 07813893205 - Photos/MC
  • Tom Niewiarowski - Naming Ceremony 2010 - Father of the Baby - Chellaston - 07545572809 - Photos
  • Joanne Mee - 30th Birthday - American Theme - Waterfall - Derby - 07980447292 - Photos
  • David Jennings - Wedding - Father of the Bride - Sutton Coldfield
  • Inst of Mech Eng - LONDON - Speaker Liaison - Speaker/Presenter
  • Lloyds Register LONDON - Speaker/Presenter
  • Tom Niewiarowski - July 2012 - Father of Baby - Naming Ceremony - MC/Celebrant
  • Alex & Gemma Holland - Dec 2012 - Wedding Photographer - Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel
  • William & Laura Brown - May 2013 - Wedding Photographer - Melbourne View Hotel
  • Rob & Kirsty Abbott - May 2013 - Wedding - Master of Ceremony - Riber Nr Matlock.
  • Paul & Jackie Massey - June 2013 - Wedding Photos/Video - Derby County Football Club.
  • Peter & Mary Orme - July 2013 - Wedding Photographer - DRO & Littleover Legion.
  • Gary & Lindsay Dexter - August 2013 - Wedding Photos/Video/SlideShow - DRO & Waterfall
  • Nick & Natalie Wheat - August 2013 - Wedding Photos/Musical SlideShow - MASA/Wesleyn Chapel

Some contact info & permissions are still being sought for the above. 

Inst of Mechanical Engineers - Greenwich Meridian Line -  Naval Barracks from Royal Observatory