Our studio


At this time we are organising a new Studio. However we can set this up on-site in your premises. 

Our photo equipment is state of the art. We have a top range digital camera, good lighting, printers and photo materials.


George Baird Photography&SOS has a collection of backdrops and accessories to use during sessions. We will work with you beforehand to plan the session and try our best to also incorporate your own ideas.




Your comfort is essential to us, because it shows in your photographs. Personal appearance is everything. Your face, make-up, hair and dress make the statement you wish to portray. Please take the time to look your best prior to the session.

Get in touch

Use our hassle-free online form to book a session now, give us a call on 01332 231920 (Mobile: 07855404761) or simply stop by in person, we're always happy to help.