We strive to work with you to create world-class photographs and video recordings at affordable rates. Below is an overview of our standard fees. For individual projects and bulk discounts, please contact us.

Introductory Meeting and basic Budget quotation.

We offer a free 1 hour IntroMeet/Presentation to those Clients interested in using our services.

The purpose of this IntroMeet is twofold.

1  To discuss our services and chat about your special day in a relaxed informal session in the comfort of your own home.

2  To attempt to form a initial Basic Plan for your day and potentail H/W Choices in order to provide an Initial 'Budget Only' quotation. This will provide a good guide for you at an early stage in your thinking.

This will be firmed up and finalised nearer your chosen date.

Our Clients are always fully aware of Final Price well before their event. No Shocks No Surprise.

Photographic Work

0 to 1 hour (min'n is 1 hour on-site)................£55/hr + Travel time/cost (in excess of 10 miles)

1+ to 4 hrs (next 3 hours)..............................£50/hr + as above

4+ to 8 hrs (next 4 hours)..............................£45/hr + as above

All materials and photographs.........................Extra to be discussed at the Enquiry Stage

Ancilliaries (Albums, frames, boards, canvas).....As above

Additionally MC and Naming Ceremony duties can be added at special low rates for dual role content.

Videographic Work

Use the same rates as above but add £15/Hr for duration filming bookings.

7hrs = £445, 9hrs = £565, 12hrs = £730.

Full or part day recordings are possible and this may involve multiple sets of equipment and manpower.

The desired content will be agreed and costed prior to the event.

After Event Hardware Choices.

By hardware we mean tangable physical items such as CD's, DVD's, Memory Sticks, PhotoBooks,

Albums, CD/DVD Presentation Cases, Framed Photographs, Canvases etc., which may contain enbedded within - digital photos, musical slideshows etc etc. 

Generally your choices will be discussed, agreed and priced, before the event so that all costs are clear.

Popular hardware choices

* Computer playable CD of all Photographs with B&W shots added.

* TV playable DVD Photographic SlideShow or same set to music of your choice.

* As above with Video of Ceremony 'Vows Section' only incuded.

* TV playable DVD audible video. Full content of your choices.

* Unique 'our design' PhotoBooks.

* CD/DVD Presentation cases.

* Choice of favourite photographs specially edited for Canvas/Framed Photograph.

Full Current Pricelist Available

This can vary due to the effects of infation and costs of cameras, camcorders and other equipment.

The current pricelist is available on request.

Master of Ceremony Services/Toastmaster

To be discussed at Enquiry Stage - below is a guide only:

First 60 minute introduction meeting = Free

Subsequent 1 hour meetings to add meat to bone....£40/hourly meeting + transport over 10 miles.

Master of Ceremony duties on the day......4 hrs/£220, 8 hrs/£420, 12 hrs/£6000. + transport

Packages - a single price based on content. These may include photography at special low rates for performing a dual role on the day.

Naming Ceremony Services

Single Price to conduct Ceremony and issue certificate = £175 + transport over 5 miles.

This will include an FOC introductory meeting at the home of the parents/guardians. 

This assumes a suitable venue with a quiet private Ceremony Room for all attending guests is chosen.

Special combination low rates will apply if MC and Photographic duties are to be included.

Speaking/Power Point Presentation Design

Will depend on location, preparation and content. To be discussed at Enquiry Stage.

See Master of Ceremony Services above, as a guide.

24/48 Hour Service

Depending on workloads, prints can be produced within 48 hours for most standard sizes of photograph (excuding weekends, statutory and bank holidays). However this cannot be guaranteed. Depending on content a special rapid service may incur an extra charge - to be advised.

Advance Booking Fee

For Family Weddings/Parties/Special Events this is only £100 non-refundable with your Booking Form. For business events and to cover cancellation and loss of time/content. A non-refundable booking fee to a very maximum of 50 percent of the estimated cost of your session should be paid in advance. Depending on content your event/dates may not be added to our diary until the booking fee has been paid. Depending on reason for cancellation - this fee may be refundable (emergency/accident/illness etc)