What are your rates?

Please see our prices & fees for a detailed list of our standard rates.

Can I use a credit card to pay?

Sorry. We accept cash, cheque or Bank Transfer which is most popular.


Do we have to pay something in advance?

Yes. £100 Deposit is payable. The remainde 30 days prior to your day/event.

What should I wear?

It's best to avoid wearing bold colours and patterns when you come to the session. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. If you're not sure exactly what to wear, have several choices handy. 


How important is Make-up and Hair?

The final image will reflect the effort you place on own and your individual family members personal preparation. Dare we say that one scruffy member will spoil an otherwise perfect team - unless your intent is to reflect everyday family character. 

We will not comment on your preparation - you have to decide if you and your team 'look good'.


Can we include our cats and dogs? What about cuddly toys, dolls or ballooons?

All are welcome and can add to the delight of the picture and your past memories in years to come.


How much notice do you need? Can you respond to late decision? Can you attend at weekends? 

As much as possible - and Yes and Yes.

However this will depend on prior agreed work and private arrangements (holidays, hospital etc)


What if the photographs are lost, destroyed or a nightmare?

Another free session will be arranged. Nightmare - Never - you will be able to see all of the picture on digital playback during and again at the end of the session and discuss any changes or additions before you leave. Perfect prints will follow, usually within 3 days.


How far will you travel for a session?

This will depend on other diary committments that day. However travel time/costs are payable over 10 miles radius at 70p per mile. (eg 70p X (total milage - 20 mile) so for work 50 miles away travel cost is £56

Do you still have questions?

If you've looked through our site and still have questions, we'd be glad to help you. Just give us a call on 01332 231920 or use our contact form.